Where it all began

I was born on January 4th, 1990 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have an older sister who’s 8 years older than me. We never really got along well. My parents got divorced when i was 5 years old and I continued to stay with my mother and was able to see and spend time with my father during some weekends. My mom was always the strict one and my dad was the supportive one. Shortly after their divorce they carried on with their lives and got remarried. It means I have a step-mom and a step-dad. Also, as a result, I received two wonderful siblings. A 6 year younger sister from my mom’s new marriage and a 7 year younger brother from my dad’s new marriage. Years go by and even those new marriages ended and they have both moved on to new spouses. What remains are the relationships i still have with my step-parents and more significantly, with my younger brother and sister. We are very close until this very day even though the 3 of us are not living together or even near to each other. That’s basically my family tree explained. Although, do not get too comfortable because there’s definitely more to it. So, I grew up in Kuala Lumpur but I had the good fortune to spend one year abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam because my mom was transferred there for work. I have experienced public school in Bangi, international school in Hanoi and private school in K.L. I lived in Swansea, Wales for 3 years completing my degree in Electrical Electronic Engineering (wonderful student experience there). After graduating in 2011 i flew back to Malaysia and ended up in Kelantan which is my mom’s hometown and worked for her beach resort for 9 years. Now i’ve decided to start a new life in Paris, France with my newly wedded wife and 3 lovely cats. It’s definitely exciting the change, but it’s not that easy. Especially when it comes to learning the language. I’m not going to give up easily. This is my home now. I’m going to make the best of it.


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13 Comments Add yours

  1. hazlinhalim says:

    You are very frank about your background. I am so touched and i know you are a wonderful person. Hope you will be happy and confortable in Paris.


    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you so much.


  2. Amélie says:

    That’s a really good start, can’t wait to see more!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OXL says:

    Nothing more to say but you’re my idol. I wish you all the happiness.


    1. Sarah says:

      Aww thank you so much for your kind words.


  4. Dbalqis Zulkifly says:

    Awww, sedihnya baca 😭😭


    1. Sarah says:

      Hehe. It’s ok.


    2. Shazny Z says:

      Good read, my childhood friend. Keep it up!


  5. Amsyar Saiful says:

    You’re an inspiration to many, myself included ❤️


  6. SGRMSE. says:

    damn, i LOVE that picture!! where was that taken?


    1. Sarah says:

      New Zealand.


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