A letter to my younger self

Dear younger Sarah,

Nothing in life is permanent so remember that when you feel things aren’t gonna change, they sure will, in time. Learn to master the art of patience. This also applies to happy moments so make sure to really treasure them as they too won’t last forever. Remember to always connect with those around you. You are so beautiful inside and out, even though most of the time you feel like you aren’t and that you are just too broken. You definitely have so much to offer to those you love.

You are such a fighter, Sarah. I know that at times it can make you feel so tired, of fighting. You will feel weak and will always be reminded of how strong you really are. Take care of yourself because you truly deserve it. Although it upsets you when people in your life do not make an effort to say hi or check up on you, or even feel like they can come to you to have conversations about anything, just know that you do have people who truly care for you and who are actually super proud of you. 

I admire you because you’ve always found a way to communicate well with others. I know it can be frustrating when people judge you without really finding out who you really are. Also it’s very annoying how misunderstood you are since forever. You are so brave because you always choose love and happiness over hatred and unreasonable rules. You choose to accept everyone’s flaws and believe that there’s always room for change. 

You are going to feel lonely, most times. Just know that I’ll always be here for you and you are gonna get to achieve the things you’ve never even imagine you could. You will find true love that you’ve always been searching for. She is going to love you for all of you. She will definitely go through thick and thin with you and she will always take very good care of you. Make sure you will cherish and love her with all you have. You deserve it.

I know that your relationship with your mom has always been complicated. It will always be. But know that she is the only parent that stuck with you since you were born. Remember that she did the best with what she could and that her love will stay with you forever. No one will ever understand the relationship that you have with your mom except for yourself. That is your own story. Own it.

Even though you don’t have much material things in your life, know that you have your truth. And truth, is power. Don’t be afraid to tell your truth. It is your right. You would be surprised to see that people can really appreciate your honesty, your story, and your truth. Your writing, be it in your social media, your blog, or even your music, will be read and listened to by others who may or may not relate to it. The whole point is that you’ve left a part of yourself, before you leave this world. It’s what you’ve always wanted to do. You will achieve that, one day, Sarah. You already left so much in the world, with others. Stay true to yourself and you will be fine. 

I will always fight for you, I will always love you and I will always be here for you.

Surfing in Bali.


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  1. Husna says:

    Hi Sarah, hope you are well.. saw you’ve gone viral and tengok dua tiga kali macam kenal. Teringat terus dulu2 i slept over at your house with TJ, cycle to mart you accident bicycle lipat, played with Sean, banyak lah my happy memories walaupun i tak banyak bercakap kot, mngikut je, hehe.. Those were the days until lost contact, teringin nak cari you tapi tak jumpa2 n i guess you’ve moved away..take care ya wherever you are. Not hoping you remembered me but just letting you know that i do remember you and i had great times hanging out with you. Happy memories 🌝


    1. Sarah says:

      If I saw a picture of you maybe I can remember. I remember faces hehe. I tak ingat la accident bicycle .. haha.. country heights was definitely happy memories. Country mart! Omg .. hehe. Keep in touch yeah? I’m on insta @ssarahsaiful


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