Black magic in my life

Black magic has many names like witchcraft and “bomoh” (in Malay). As a child I have never believed in such things. Unfortunately I have encoutered visits to “witch doctors” and witnessed and experienced rituals carried out by them. My first experience was when I was a small kid. I always had nightmares in the middle of the night, I couldnt sleep during sunset (Maghrib prayer time) and I also couldn’t really be outside during such time without having a bad feeling or a breakdown. I also had bad cases of high fevers, often. Pretty much going in and out of clinics a lot. I also tend to wet my bed during sleep several times before the age of 5. There was just something off about me, somehow.

So, naturally, my “islamic” father would bring me to a witch doctor who basically spoke some words of “Quran” possibly, into a bottled water and told my dad I should drink it. He also, licked his thumb and swiped it on my forehead. Eww, gross. I was disgusted and disturbed. And honestly, it did not work at all. I still had my nightmares, fevers and even once, I was posessed. I know it’s crazy but until today I still think it’s unbelievable even though it really happened. Long story, short, one time when I was small I woke my nanny up in the middle of the night asking to go to the toilet because I needed to pee and the next thing I knew I was in the toilet not knowing how I got there and I asked my nanny and she said I was up, with my eyes wide open, being violent with her trying to take right and left swings on her and even broke her watch while at it. I told her I didn’t remember a single thing and I believed I was sleeping soundly in bed when I suddenly woke up sitting in the toilet. Anyways, that was just once. Super scary though.

This one time, I had experienced my mom shopping for a keris (a special dagger which is traditional in our history). Apparently, she’s not just shopping for a dagger, she’s shopping for the particular “ghost” that comes with the dagger. And I remember one night, my uncles and her were interviewing each keeper of the dagger. One of my relatives, got possessed by each of the dagger and my uncle would ask questions like where are you from? and who are you?. My cousins and I were peeking through the window witnessing such a thing and being freaked out. My mom bought a keris as protection from bad energy or dark elements.

The fact that everyone in my community thinks that not being “straight” means I have a disease. So they would make secret visits to witch doctors to “fix” me. These witch doctors would pray towards some things for examaple, rice, and my mom would serve it to me hoping I would change my sexual orientation. She even admitted once to someone else that she’s done many things to “cure” me but it didn’t work. It is truly sad, to know that people see you as a sick person just because you want to love who you want to love. Homophobia still haunts me until today.

Ok, a little light side to the story. This one time, my mom brought me to a kind of fortune teller who reads cards. We could never understand the cards because they’re just ordinary playing cards not tarrot cards. Her name was “Mek Siam”. Now she was a very interesting person. As usual she’d lay down the cards in a line and make me choose a few and she’d see things from the cards. She won’t say much you just have to ask some questions and she’d answer something vague (as they all do). She read my cards twice because the first time, she said it was double dark. She couldnt see anything. So I had to take a special “flower bath”. It smelled good and it was refreshing BUT it was quite a scary experience to be honest. She’d read something and then just throw the water at me. It was super cold to a point I was shivering. Then she read my cards for the second time and saw some things about my future. I wasn’t really sure what she saw, and I was still young and coudln’t think of the right questions to ask, also, my mother was there so she kind of dictated the questions.

Are you curious about the questions? and her answers? Well at that time I have failed one paper while studying my degree. So I had to resit the paper. I had to go back to the UK for a week just for this one paper during summer holidays. And the question was, am i going to pass this paper. And she said someone will assist me to pass. When I was back in uni, a couple of days before sitting for the paper, the lecturer gave me a private lesson to prepare for it. And he really did help me because he kept showing me examples that were so similar to the questions in the actual paper. That’s about it. My experience and encouters with black magic in my life. Honestly, there are more frauds in this world when it comes to this. I do believe it exists but I don’t really wanna mess with it and I think we should just harvest the energy and magic within ourselves and that surrounds us. Do you have any experience? Do you have any stories? Do you believe it or think it’s all bogus? Let me know in the comments or contact me and we’ll have a conversation.

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