In the wild


I was at a retreat, in the wild, like a jungle but like in a New Zealand setting. Mom and others decided to stay and I decided to keep going somewhere.

There were alligators in the small river, me and another girl waited for them to pass them we continued our journey.

We ended up in a nice Airbnb and there were others there. A guy who was homophobic and was obviously into the girl I was with started to become verbal with me and I stood up for myself asking him to shut up but it just made him more aggressive.

He started throwing his phone at me and I threw it back at him then he got more upset and threw it back to me. I took it and put it in my pocket. The girl I was with, she shouted at him to stop.

I decided to leave. Out i go in the rain not knowing where I am or where I’m going. She comes after me. I’m a little further away so it took time for her to catch up to me.

She asked me “where are you going?”

I replied “I don’t know, just away”. And I continued to say, “you don’t really like me”. She said “I do, of course I do”. We kept walking until she tripped and fell. She sprained a part of her leg.

We started to walk back with her arm around my shoulders. So i could help her walk.

End of dream.

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