The time I met Avril Lavigne in person

It was the year 2008. The place? Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Avril Lavigne was going to start her Asia Tour and the first country was Malaysia. It was kind of a bad situation because the country had tried to cancel or postpone the the concert just because it was too close to the date as our independence day. Our Independence day is on 31st August. It was the mark of our 51st year of independence from Britain.

Who was against this concert? It’s no surprise that it was the opposition Islamic party. As for the culture ministry, they tried to support this objection by asking Avril Lavigne’s team to change the date which is almost impossible for something that has been set and planned months before. So at first, the news was that it was cancelled which was sad and there was even a video by the paparazzi asking Avril Lavigne how she felt that Malaysia cancelled her. I was so embarrassed by this.

Avril Lavigne is my teenage idol. She was so in her own zone doing whatever she wants and still looking super good and on top of that, she has an amazing voice. I just love her and her music. She definitely played a big role in my teenage life. So, because it was too late to cancel or postpone the concert, the show must go on and it did. I was so happy. I dressed up all punk rock just like her with the iconic tie, sleeveless, shorts and not to forget the heavy eyeliner.

I had such an amazing time at the concert. It was held at the Stadium Merdeka which honestly, is one of that bad places to hold a concert because that place is so old and the stage was like super far. Despite that, I was still a happy girl being able to experience her music LIVE. Right after the concert finished I was able to see the car that she jumped into to go back to her hotel. I discussed with my friends to go and find her at her hotel to get a photo and autograph from her.

I made a guess of which hotel she was staying at. The concert was sponsored by Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur. So we decided to go there and that’s when I saw the car she was in parked right in front. We went inside and saw all her dancers, band, crew members and event organisers. We tried asking them if Avril Lavigne was going to come down at all and they said no, she was not. But they actually helped us out by letting us know we could probably catch her the next morning as she’s leaving for for the airport to catch her flight to South Korea.

So we went back and slept for the night. I woke up super early and woke everyone up and said lets go find her! We waited downstairs at the lobby of the hotel. Her bodyguards and herself were informed of us waiting for her downstairs. We had her posters all ready for her to sign. She came down and out of the elevator, walked towards the exit doors of the hotel and my best friend Ally asked her for an autograph so she stopped walking, turned around, took off the cap of her marker pen and asked where should she sign the autographs. We all had one autograph on each of our posters of her. While she was signing mine, I was able to say to her “I love you Avril”. She’s around my height and she’s so cute with her pink hair.

We did ask if we could take a photo with her but her bodyguards said no photos allowed. So that’s just too bad but I hope she knows that she does have fans that love her in Malaysia even though the government tried to cancel her. I framed her poster with her autograph in my room. I’m super sad that in the process of my family moving houses, they left the poster behind because I wasn’t there during the move, I was in Swansea, studying for my degree. I still think about that time and about the poster that I lost, the one I worked hard for. It’s ok, the memory still lives on in my head and now it’s written here for you.

A couple of years later I decided to buy an electric guitar. I got the Squier Telecaster and it’s the special model designed by Avril Lavigne with black and white checkers pattern, it even has the star on the 5th fret and her signature. I still have it until today. It’s my first and only electric guitar for many years now.

Avril Lavigne poster promoting her Squier Telecaster Electric Guitar.

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  1. SGRMSE. says:

    SO. dope. never actually realised how big of a fan you are of hers. have you met any other celebrities?


    1. Sarah says:

      I have actually.. Malaysian celebrities hehe.. like siti nurhaliza, nabila huda, Yuna, and others .. besides Malaysian celebrities it’s the girls from fifth harmony and cast of Wynonna Earp. How about you?


      1. SGRMSE. says:

        not too many. local ones, yeah but international celebrities, not really. good charlotte during their signing event and that’s pretty much it. lol.


      2. Sarah says:

        Good Charlotte! Wow!


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