Insta is down!!

This was definitely not expected. All three of the most used apps by many in the world, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp have a technical issue that doesn’t allow all devices to look for these 3 servers. It’s so crazy. I never have imagined this to be honest. It’s amazing that this has happened because it forced me to realise what we take for granted everyday! WhatsApp to communicate with all friends and family members around the world. Facebook to connect everyone and see who knows who as well as to remind us of everyone’s birthdays hehe.

Instagram… oh this one, is just a big one for me mainly because I’m on it every single day all the time. It’s where I get to share my thoughts, pictures & art, also get see what’s going with others and get inspiration. So when I’m not able to open these apps, I started to think how else can I communicate with others? How else can I get inspiration and share my thoughts? Of course Twitter is still running but I’m not that active there.

I just created a Patreon page a few days ago. Here I can share posts, links and stories and I can choose whether to make it public or exclusively for my patrons. So far I’ve 2 patrons. I’ve got to be honest I was so pleasantly surprised that I’ve got 2. I guess sometimes, it’s hard to really believe that people do want to support me. I’ve got to remind myself that I am worthy and that I have something to offer. So, thank you Emre and Hafiz (my 2 patrons) for believing in me and showing your support. It truly means a lot to me.

For all of you, who’d like to check it out click here

Basically, members who subscribe to my Patreon and become a patron, will be able to gain some exclusive content, early access to videos and photos, and soon I’ll even create a private group chat and scheduled livestreams. A safe space for all of us. It’ll be as low as 1 euro (RM 5) per month for the official patron tier. The second tier is the All-Access Patron which is 5 euros (RM 15) per month and the VIP Patron which is 8 euros (RM 40) per month. If any of you have any questions at all regarding Patreon, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Your support truly matters to me. It will help me make more content be it videos, photos, blog posts and so much more. As I’ve said before, it’s my passion to create content and share it with all of you in the hopes of sparking inspiration and courage.

If you want to support me, but you’re unable to spend, I totally understand. You can support me by subscribing to my YouTube, following my Instagram account and just sharing my videos & posts to others. Even if some posts may not resonate with you, it may to other people. So with that being said, thank you so much for your love and support, thank you for even reading this. Take care of yourself, everyone.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. __ashi3 says:

    already followed u from utube, ig, tiktok n what else 🤔🤔 i also forgot 😅😅

    hey.. u r worthy.. people can judge whatever they want, baik macam mane pon kita, takkan pernah ade manusia yang akan puas hati.. so ignore the haters..



    1. Sarah says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for following me on all platforms. Your support is truly appreciated. You’re right, haters gonna hate we’re just here to share the lovex


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