That time I almost died

During the year of 2015 I was in the hotel industry for a few years already and I became too into it without realizing I was neglecting my health. Working as the Manager of a resort is very demanding. It takes up all of my time and requires me to be on duty all day and night. It forced me to make all the decisions especially because it was such a small hierarchy of organization which means everyone answers to me. I had to make sure everything goes on smoothly. No matter what happens I had to show up with a welcoming smile on my face for each guest that comes in. Even when they were being unreasonable and talking down to me like i deserved it. Nobody deserves that, ever.

So basically each evening, after all day of work, i’d head into my room, and start drinking to unwind in front of the tv, then I go to bed and the next day I go back to doing what I do. It became such an unhealthy routine. I wasn’t even taking time off for myself or even exercising. After months of repeating this routine, I decided to get a thai full body massage. This is the serious one, not the aromatherapy type. She is a healer, she’ll try to fix all the knots in your muscles and stretch your limbs for you. So she really did her work on me but because my body was so not in a good shape I accidentally went through what i’ve researched on the internet calls, “healing crisis”.

Healing crisis basically means your body is suddenly removing the toxins in your body at a faster rate which also means your blood is filled with the toxins. This can cause a reaction. She pressed my liver as if to restart it. And I think that’s roughly what happened. At first I wasn’t feeling well, had a fever then recovered. What happened next was worse. I couldnt eat anything. Whatever I had for food would instantly be vomitted back out. I started to lose weight but at least I could still drink water. It came to a point where I couldnt even drink water, I was as thin as a skeleton then I decided i might not make it if I don’t see a doctor to get an IV infusion soon.

Since it was a Friday, my usual clinic was closed so I had to go to a hospital emergency. They couldnt tell what was wrong with me. They tested my blood for almost everything usual they could think of such as Dengue and food poisoning. All tests came back negative, plus I wasn’t even having a fever. They forced me to be admitted and stay the night so they could monitor me. I had to explain what was wrong with me to 3 different doctors while I was in the hospital. They kept taking my blood for tests to see if i had dengue until the point I was turning yellow.

All I wanted was the IV infusion. Instead, I had to be held in the hospital so I couldnt sleep the whole night. I broke down. On top of that, the IV infusion was blocked and wasn’t flowing and when i pressed the “call nurse” button, a nurse replied through the intercom asking “you pressed the button by accident right?”. Then I went out to check if anyone was there to ask for help, I saw the nurse sleeping. I decided to just let it be and wait until the next day. So the next day, i insisted to be discharged. The doctor just gave me a medicine for my liver.

I went home and it took me almost a month to recover. All I did was try to eat but still, somehow threw it back out. My mom pushed me to drink beetroot juice and turmeric juice. She said these are the traditional and original antibiotics to help your body recover. When i’m not eating or drinking these juices, i’m just lying down on the couch. I was more comfortable with my head and back lifted at a certain angle. This was how i spent my month of recovering. Slowly, I was able to eat and drink normally again without vomitting.

I realized I was given a second chance to change my lifestyle. From then on, I stopped drinking as much and started to play futsal once a week with my staff. Also, I started going to the gym. I definitely feel better. So the lesson is, don’t take your health for granted. Your body is your temple. It’s your vessel of life. Your body does all the work for you. So you have got to appreciate it and take care of it. Remember, it’s not just about the body, it’s also about the mind and soul. Be sure to keep it all balanced. Mental health is just as important eventhough you’re taking care of your diet and your exercise. If your mind is not at peace, you can still fall sick somehow. Love yourself.

Me at the gym.

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