All you have to do is ask

For most of my life ever since I was a teenager I’ve been interested to share my thoughts, lifestyle, travels, poems, songs, and information. I’ve realised that my true passion is to be a content creator. I’ve had a YouTube channel since I was 18 years old! Back in university I’d upload some videos of random songs i’ve covered with my guitar and a couple of original songs I wrote from scratch. After graduating, my mom asked me to come back to Malaysia and become the General Manager of her beach resort. I had no training in the hotel industry and definitely had no managing background. I had to learn everything the hard way. Within those years of growing and gaining experience in managing the resort, I didn’t even touch my guitar. My creative side was ignored because being a hotelier really just means you have no work-life balance and you’re needed to be on duty round the clock.

After a few years working in the job I had, I decided to go back to music because I was starting to feel depressed. So i started to cover some more songs and have fun shooting music videos indoors and outdoors. Recently, since I moved to Paris, France, I’ve decided to start a blog (this one!) to write about my life and turning points. I continued to consistently upload my music covers or original songs on my YouTube. I’ve always wanted to create more! Share more!

I have thought about creating more vlogs on my YouTube channel but just haven’t gotten around to it. The moment I went viral on IG for being controversial, I decided, this is my moment. So i’ve started to upload videos of me talking about stuff and important things. I’ve also started to upload content regarding my life and relationship with my wife, Amélie. Parallel to that I do have a gaming YouTube channel because it is also my passion to play video games and entertain others by sharing my video edits on the channel.

All in all i’m still very small and hope to grow and be able to make it my full-time job. To be a content creator has always been my passion and goal but I have never put 100% focus and work into it. Now i plan to have a better understanding, gain knowledge and skills as well as be more serious and disciplined about it. I am determined! I really do need some form of support from all of you. Be it a subscribe, a like, a comment, and now you can even buy me a coffee at my Ko-fi page. I know I still have a long way to go to achieve any success in content creating but I’ve got to start somewhere. So here I am, putting my intentions out there. Letting you all know what’s my passion and aspiration. I’m here if you have any suggestions for me, for my next videos or my next blog posts. I’m happy to hear them or even just to say hi!

I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks! I’ve been so afraid to ask for help & support because whenever I do i get assumptions and judgements from others who look at me and see as if I live a rich lifestyle or that I come from a well to do family background and that I don’t need any support or help. The truth is, no one truly knows what really is going on in someone’s life. I can be honest and say, I am on my own. I did not inherit anything from my late mother and I am merely an english teacher here in France because I have yet to master the French language to be able to apply for other jobs. I had savings which I had spent to move to France from Malaysia. This is it. This is me. No deception, no misunderstanding. I am independent, just like some of you, looking for a career in our passion.

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